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Snap Judgment (Storytelling, with a BEAT) mixes real stories with killer beats to produce cinematic, dramatic, kick-ass radio. Snap’s raw, musical brand of storytelling dares listeners to see the world through the eyes of another.

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Two crazy cats and one hard-nosed reporter land in Syria right as it is thrown into turmoil. And a lovesick junior high kid will do anything to win over his crush. Even if that means going “undercover” for the US government. STORIES Wartime Cats Two crazy cats and one hard-nosed reporter land in Syria right as it is thrown into turmoil. Rasha Elass navigates her way through Damascus amidst government crackdowns and whistling missiles in search of the country she loves. This story contains graphic imagery and descriptions of wartime violence, sensitive listeners please be advised. Thank you, Rasha, for sharing your story with us! Rasha Elass is currently the editorial director at New Lines Magazine, where she first shared this story. She’s also working on a memoir about her childhood and reporting days in Syria. Follow what she’s up to on her website. Produced by David Exumé, original score by Renzo Gorrio, artwork by Teo Ducot Danger 9b Richard Hatch is overseas on a top-secret mission… to win over Jill, the most elusive, electrifying student in his 7th-grade class. He isn’t suave or sophisticated, so he’s gonna need help from The Beatles, the Russians, and even the CIA to pull it off. Thank you, Richard Hatch aka Danger 9b, for sharing your story with us! Rick is back in the US and is putting the finishing touches on a kid-friendly memoir about his travels abroad. Produced by Regina Bediako, original score by Dirk Schwarzhoff Season 14 – Episode 50

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