Crime Fuckers

Crime Fuckers

Crime Fuckers

Hosted by comedians Molly Hanulec and Caitlin Feeney, this podcast is a fun silly awesome fucked up time talking about how much we all love to feel scared of and also make fun of true crime podcasts.

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Buckle up Fuck Heads, it’s the season 1 finale of Crime Fuckers. This time Caitlin and Molly doubled down and delivered a dual dose of delightful degradation of dumb dudes. That’s right, we are covering TWO sort of bad podcasts for our season finale! The first is True Crime Guys. Based on the stupid ass title of that alone who even cares about that at all already? The second is Generation Why on the Wondery network. On that show “Two friends, Aaron & Justin, break down theories and give their opinions on unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries and conspiracies,” as described on their page. Sounds super duper interesting and cool. *BORAT VOICE* “NOT!” Thanks for listening to season 1! We’ll be back soon to tell you about all the rest of the worst and best True Crime pods our feeble little world has to offer. Enjoy, Fuck Heads!

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