One British Man

One British Man

Lee Passmore

One British Man is an English language podcast created by Lee Passmore, a father, a singer-songwriter and a native English tutor from Devon, England. It's a lighthearted comedy podcast aimed at intermediate/advanced English learners and anyone with an interest in British English. Lee focuses on everyday English conversation, providing easy-listening episodes which are split into two parts; topic discussions and language learning. If you are looking for a fun and natural way to learn vocabulary, idioms, expressions, slang and dialects then Bob's your uncle!

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Dealing with big life changes can be difficult, but change will come – it always does. Does our natural world, the environment and our surroundings impact how well we are able to cope with such transitions? If in doubt, just blame climate change for all your problems!

Part 1 - The Discussion (0:00)

Part 2 - Learn English (12:30)

In part two we talk about the language used in the episode and learn how to apply the following words to everyday English conversation.

Today's words:

Rear one's head (expression)
To emulate (verb)
Bright and breezy (adjective)
Gloomy (adjective)
Overcast (adjective)
Relentless (adjective)
Drizzle (noun)
Sporadic (adjective)
Hefty (adjective)


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